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Ep 37 – Corey Sigvaldason
President / Founder, HOP Performance Institute

By June 5, 2021October 16th, 2022No Comments


The Story Behind HOP.


0:00 Intro
3:00 Founder’s Story- What is that burning question that made you go down this path
5:35 Burning Question may start from something negative
7:28 Every event or circumstance can be useful
8:50 How that Burning Questions ties to the HOP model
11:00 The Components of Success
12:27 “6 Components of Success”
15:32 “A Setback is a Setup for something Better”
18:10 Relationship
18:40 “Jersey Story”
21:01 The Impact
23:50 Authenticity
24:52 Mentors and Models
26:01 Inspirations and Lessons Learned
32:18 Success Habits
32:58 Goal Setting and Planning with Coaching
34:07 Focusing on relationships as a driver
36:05 Tolerance for Bad Corporate Culture
39:25 Great by Choice by: Jim Collins
41:20 What’s Next For HOP?
50:25 Outro


Corey Sigvaldason, ELP, CBB, MBA, PhD-C

Peak Performance Expert – Keynote Speaker – Executive Coach – Creating Greater Impact – High-Performance Teams -Accelerating Revenues & Results – International Sales Trainer – Happy Husband and Proud Father