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Make the highest level of performance second nature

Use the fuel already within you

Brady & The Patriots, Ali, Gretzky, Jordan & The Bulls, The Williams sisters, Mia Hamm & the American Olympic Gold Medalist Women’s Soccer Team, Bolt, Woods, or GSP. These legends and teams all broke through perceived limitations and barriers to showcase the highest order of performance, over and over again, becoming trailblazers.

Now it’s your turn.

Realize the added motivational bump that happens when you and your team align with Higher Order Purpose and a Flow State. Create that drive to achieve the highest levels of performance using a fuel that is already within you!

Your team is reaching for the top: the league championship, the cup, the medal, the podium. Or you are already at the top and are looking to stretch yourselves to build a legendary dynasty.

This work is for those who are driven to push to the heights of performance and have fun doing it!

Get ready to raise your game to the highest levels achievable and get within striking distance of your ultimate success point, as you make a mark that lasts for years to come.

Right now…

  • The effort you are putting in isn’t generating the ultimate results you want.
  • You’re discontent with the status quo, no matter how many times that has equated to what others perceive as great success.
  • Things feel like you’re winning a championship but not dominated the game and you’re constantly striving, but never arriving.

Welcome to the relentless pursuit of excellence and the creation of a definitive IT Factor.

What you really want is to...

  • Get to your ultimate goals faster

  • Become stronger

  • Have more fun

  • Spend more time ‘in the ZONE’

  • Become more confident and focused

  • Expand your relentlessness and hunger

How We Work

When your competition is fierce, you need to become an Unstoppable Force!
Here, the elite get exclusivity. We work with only ONE team or Olympic/high-level athlete per league, because we know there can only be ONE legend.

We want that legend to be YOU!

Through our high-level coaching, insights and guidance, we help your team develop the skills that align and create the performance you want in sport, while providing you with a skillset that is transferrable to all aspects of your life AND to your post-sporting life.

We also provide direct empowerment, coaching and skill development for team coaches, so that you may continue to elevate your team’s game for years to come.

A proven process with lasting results

Our Process

At HOP®, we provide interdisciplinary, high-touch coaching, analysis and assessments throughout your entire season, from the pre-season to the championship game.

Our work together will include the following phases:

Phase 1: Level Set

Level up and prepare as you use your pre-season to set up to play the game at the highest level.

  • Embrace possibility as you determine your goals and performance drivers (HOP® Deep Discovery)
  • Prepare for propulsion by embarking on HOP® UP (Ultimate Potential)
  • Analyze your DNA and identify current limits (limiting beliefs, challenges and obstacles)
  • Conduct diagnostic for benchmarking and baselining
  • Develop HOP® Performance Drivers Matrix and Support

Phase 2: Ignition

Connect with the drivers of performance to align with your desired state and rewire to get there.

  • Begin closing the gap between unattainable and possible
  • Embrace challenges that may throw you off (going beyond risk management)
  • Study the specific performance-driving points
  • Strengthen neuropathways and create beliefs that align with ultimate goals

Phase 3: Propulsion

Align purpose and meaning to upgrade how you approach performance (HOP® Performance Protocol)

  • Understand your personal “propulsion system”
  • Dive deep into perception vs. desires
  • Tap into habit power with daily tracking (HOP® Priority Planner)
  • Experience notable breakthroughs and prepare to lift off
  • Hard-wire in new habits and tap into Flow State to achieve “ease on demand”

Phase 4: Unstoppable Performance

Launch into Higher Order Performance and realize ongoing purpose-based growth

  • Elevate your game with continuous cutting-edge research theories and models
  • Access the multi-mentor model, neuro-technology and science of elite performance to 100x processing power and performance potential
  • Accelerate sustainable levels of performance using the HOP® Propulsion System
  • Debrief, celebrate success and continue to open up your next level!

Where do you stand on the Unstoppable Force continuum?

Achieving the highest levels of performance begins with a clear plan of action, outlined using drivers of high performance. The HOP® 10Q Assessment provides an initial overview of where your team currently is AND where you can go.

What others are saying

Tap into a reason and a reserve beyond yourself

and become the exception to what was one believed to be unattainable!

Make your competition play catch up as you gain the ultimate IT Factor that makes you an Unstoppable Force! We’ll help you shape the mental model to challenge your existing beliefs and wire in the efficacy, courage and confidence required to get to your targeted success point!