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You can be a king or queen.
You can build other kings and queens.

Or you can build a better kingdom!

Awaken your Game-changing greatness

HOP is a data-driven, boundary-breaking, high-performance producing community and group of educators and coaches that believes “Higher Order Performance” steams from the mastery of the highest levels of performance using the philosophy and technology of neuroscience.

We aim to deliver the highest levels of high performance coaching and leadership and were founded on the premise of “building a better kingdom” for all. We are doing so by raising the performance of the world’s top athletes, sports teams, executives and business organizations.

We stand by the “better kingdom” vision because we believe that when the elite rise to new heights of performance and achievement, the standard rises and their impact increases. This in turn pushes other aspiring leaders and entire industries into awakening their game-changing greatness.

We focus on what can be made possible, authentically.

In the name of raising the bar of possibility and legacy, we spend our days giving elite-level teams the guidance, mentorship, coaching and science-based insights they need to soar to heights and achievements previously unknown.
Despite our love for the technology and neuroscience behind our work, you won’t ever find us forging numbers, promoting enhancements, or delivering false marketing. Our work is about authentic human potential and what can be made attainable when we choose to operate at the most elite level of our professions.

At HOP®, we pride ourselves on:

  • Dedicating ourselves to a cause bigger than any one of us.
  • Fostering authentic human potential, made attainable when we choose to operate at the most elite level of our professions.
  • Helping high level professionals and professional athletes rewire themselves and their organizations to drive high performance without artificial stimulation.
  • Using the latest in neuro-technology to expedite and create greater ease and data monitoring through the transformation process.

Driving Higher Performance

Let Us Help You

Accelerate Up

Achieve a new personal best or what many thought to be unattainable and do it while experiencing fun, courageous growth at both a personal and professional level.


When you have a confident team playing as a cohesive unit, magic happens. Realize a wholly new level of team coherence and congruency, as you redefine the definition of team and the role you play.


Contribute to and be driven by something bigger than yourself as you individually and collectively reach the highest levels of performance—the stuff that legends are made out of. Come together in your growth and become exceptional as a unit.

Our Team

The HOP® team is a passionate, dedicate alliance of esteemed experts, high-level coaches and world-class professionals dedicated to being the “invisible executive” that helps the world’s most elite athletes, coaches, corporate teams and executives achieve the highest levels of authentic performance.

Every member of the HOP® team has at least three decades of experiences in fields that include high-level sports, corporate training and entrepreneurship. We are students of our own work, having reached for heights previously imagined to be impossible and built incredible awareness along the journey.

We are former elite athletes and seasoned business veterans. This means that we are also acutely aware that human potential means that the growth journey, for each and every one of us, is never over. That’s why continuous learning and development are paramount to who we are and what we stand for.

Founder, HOP® Performance Institute

Corey Sigvaldason

A 40-year veteran consultant, coach, trainer and entrepreneur, HOP® founder Corey Sigvaldason contributes an unmatched punch of academic insights, business savvy and passion for human potential. His work is founded on his life-long research and instruction on how individuals and organizations can increase their performance and effectiveness, stretching the bounds of possibility. Corey has supported thousands across five continents, including top-tiered athletes and sports teams, entrepreneurs, large associations and Fortune 500s that include Future Shop/Best Buy, Amgen, Microfocus, Lenovo and PWC. He is also an internationally awarded speaker and the host of the HOP® Nation podcast.

HOP® Founder and Visionary, Corey Sigvaldason, ELP, CBB, MBA, PhD-C, is a veteran consultant and trainer with over 25 years of experience training, speaking and working across five continents. He has helped thousands of organizations start, grow or sell their business. Corey has supported a vast range of clients around the globe that include top-tiered athletes and sports teams, solo entrepreneurs, large associations and Fortune 500 companies like Future Shop/Best Buy, Amgen, Microfocus, Lenovo and PWC. His personal career endeavors have also included leadership and entrepreneurial roles in the fields of publishing, finance, training and consulting.

Corey has shaped his life’s work around researching and teaching individuals and organizations how to increase performance and effectiveness, while stretching the bounds of what they believe to be possible for themselves. He has taken people and organizations from incremental growth to exponential growth through the contribution his unmatched punch of academic insights, business savvy, and passion for all things human potential.

Over the span of four decades, Corey has fearlessly entered every endeavor he has undertaken—from his high-level sporting achievements as a young adult to a host of entrepreneurial ventures—with a pursuit for excellence. He is a life- long learner and the holder of an MBA from Thompson Rivers University and PhD (Doctor in Philosophy, Management) candidate at Saint Mary’s University. He is also a certified as a Relational GPS and RQ Assessment Trainer and Facilitator by the Relational Capital Group and is an ICS Trained Facilitator. He has attained his CBB (Certified Business Broker) designation with the North American Association of Business Brokers, a former Certified Financial Planner, and holds a Graduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership from Royal Roads University. He also sits on a number of boards and contributes his knowledge, experience, and network with a number of organizations and mentors many people as part of his passion to elevate the standards of performance.

Corey became an elite athlete early in life, provincially-ranked in wrestling and nationally-ranked in running. Having always been able to see the potential that was in front of him, he also realized the need for greater coaching and resources to help elite level athletes reach the pinnacle of their success. Enrolling in the military post-graduation fostered a “Grit Mindset” for Corey and a dedication to a purpose bigger than himself: that of protecting a country’s freedom. There, he learned the value in team cohesion and that any one of us is only as good as the rest of the team. Put these experiences together and it is clear why Corey has dedicated himself to helping team perform at the highest level.

Corey has been an entrepreneur since the age of 10, when he started his first company as a landscaper. By the age of 12, he had ten friends working for him and understood the power of margins. In college, he dove into the fields of contracting and renovations work as an entrepreneur, while working graveyard shifts at a local mill. Simultaneously living in the throws of entrepreneurship and the blue-collar life, forged within him an unshakeable work ethic that remains second nature to him to this day. As the founder and CEO of the Performance Solutions and SaaS Company, RPM Partners, Corey raised the bar on performance management by instilling the highest levels of collaboration and communication within his organizational clients. His work spanned the industries of healthcare, education, government and financial services, and helped bridge the gap between the vision and strategic objectives of senior leadership and operation execution of those objectives.

Winner of national speaking titles and fearless competitor at international levels, Corey is a speaking champion, author, and trainer. When asked about his greatest takeaways from his speaking experiences, it was how much he learned from his setbacks as much as his successes.

“[Corey has a] great wealth of knowledge, business acumen and is proficient in assisting companies’ growth, performance and employee retention. You will understand and find a new respect for the philosophies of 'why' something was implemented as standard operational procedure in a company’s structure. He has a way of simplifying complex subjects and making it more common sense thinking and will challenge you to think outside the vast amounts of different corporate policies and wisdom we have all read through in our career paths. Corey is great at building competence as well as confidence in those that he works with
and does so in a fun and respectful environment.” – Brian Michael, Founder, Pivot Point Management Corp; former General Manager, ATLAS Steak and Fish; former General Manager, Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited

Where do you stand on the Unstoppable Force continuum?

Achieving the highest levels of performance begins with a clear plan of action, outlined using drivers of high performance. The HOP® 10Q Assessment provides an initial overview of where your team currently is AND where you can go.