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Get to the top 1% of your field

Transform your elite team into the exceptional force in your industry and uplevel your organization to the highest levels of performance possible.

Companies HOP® has supported include

Create a culture of exceptional performance

Imagine a world where high performance becomes part of your being and is embraced by all. One where high performance is not what you do or how you do it, but is the definition of your team.

This work is about so much more than leadership training. Grow through and beyond the traditional touch points of revenues, margins, profits, productivity or efficiency; as you create a true performance culture.

At HOP®, we help you build what you might have never previously imagined possible.

You can shape the underlying values, brand and reputation that foster a cohesive, aligned unit performing at the highest possible level. Don’t aim to simply do things better than others; aim to do something that others aren’t doing!

It’s time to get out ahead of other companies to become a legendary pioneer.

Operate in a state of flow

Maybe you’ve reached the top as one of the fastest growing companies or best companies to work for. Or if you’re already at the top and want to stretch into building a legendary dynasty with far-reaching impact.

Imagine living and working in a state where everyone in your team is able to:

  • Bring the fun back to your business or performance.
  • Increase productivity and realize stronger team cohesion, and increased profitability.
  • Lose track of time, while saving a lot of time (and money)
  • Gain and build ultimate trust and collaboration
  • Reach your biggest goals faster
  • Discover the highest levels of resilience

This is what happens when you are in a State of Flow or Higher Order Performance (HOP®).

10x your leadership

10x Leadership is a mindset strategy and mission for helping corporate teams of 10+ employees elevate performance to the point of being exceptional.

Here is what 10x Leadership means to us:

  • Use the best skills of the company’s talent, whether those skills are digital or human.
  • Partner and collaborate with wide networks to bring diverse perspectives and ideas into their organizations.
  • Operate with heightened levels of trust, honesty, authenticity and transparency.
  • Learn new ways of thinking and operating while unlearning outdated models and processes.
  • Maintain a flexible, agile mindset to shift between incremental and exponential thinking.
  • Zoom in to focus on current decisions and connect to the big picture of the organization’s future goals.
  • Constantly tap into your mission and purpose to drive your team toward a shared vision of the future.

How We Work

At HOP®, the elite get exclusivity. We work with only ONE company per industry, because we know there can only be ONE legend...and we want that legend to be YOU!
Through our high-level coaching, insights and guidance, we help your team develop the skills that align and create the performance you want in business, while providing you with a skillset that is transferrable to all aspects of life.

Reach the top of your industry and beyond you augment the skills you’ve spent thousands of hours building and awaken the IT Factor that stems from achieving a state flow and Higher Order Performance (HOP)

A proven process with lasting results

Our Process

In our work together, we’ll be by your side through all four quarters of your fiscal year, helping you reach, raise and redefine your annual goals!

Through the intersection of guidance, mentorship and coaching, we empower teams of 10+ employees to become legendary champions. We also support team coaches and corporate executives/managers in becoming the “Titan of the Team,” so they can build a team of HOP® Titans.

This interdisciplinary, high-touch coaching, analysis and assessments is a proven process with lasting results. Our collaboration includes the following phases of work:

Phase 1: Level Set

Level up and prepare to shape an organization or team operating at the highest level.

  • Embrace possibility as you determine your goals and performance drivers (HOP® Deep Discovery)
  • Prepare for propulsion by embarking on HOP® UP (Ultimate Potential)
  • Analyze your DNA and identify current limits (limiting beliefs, challenges and obstacles)
  • Conduct diagnostic for benchmarking and baselining
  • Develop HOP® Performance Drivers Matrix and Support

Phase 2: Ignition

Connect with the drivers of performance to align with your desired state and rewire to get there.

  • Begin closing the gap between unattainable and possible
  • Embrace challenges that may throw you off (going beyond risk management)
  • Study the specific performance-driving points
  • Strengthen neuropathways and create beliefs that align with ultimate goals

Phase 3: Propulsion

Align purpose and meaning to upgrade how you approach performance (HOP® Performance Protocol)

  • Understand your personal “propulsion system”
  • Dive deep into perception vs. desires
  • Tap into habit power with daily tracking (HOP® Priority Planner)
  • Experience notable breakthroughs and prepare to lift off
  • Hard-wire in new habits and tap into Flow State to achieve “ease on demand”

Phase 4: Unstoppable Performance

Launch into Higher Order Performance and realize ongoing purpose-based growth

  • Elevate your business with continuous cutting-edge research theories and models
  • Access the multi-mentor model, neuro-technology and science of elite performance to 100x processing power and performance potential
  • Accelerate sustainable levels of performance using the HOP® Propulsion System
  • Debrief, celebrate success and continue to open up your next level!

Where do you stand on the Unstoppable Force continuum?

Achieving the highest levels of performance begins with a clear plan of action, outlined using drivers of high performance. The HOP® 10Q Assessment provides an initial overview of where your team currently is AND where you can go.

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