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Free Resource: Restructure vs Upskill

The Path to Top-Line Revenue Success in 2021

Corey sits down with Ed Wallace to discuss pivoting for success.

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Corey Sigvaldaon’s Media Bio

Corey Sigvaldason, ELP, CBB, MBA, PhD-C
Founder, HOP® Performance Institute

A 40-year veteran consultant, coach, trainer and entrepreneur, HOP® founder Corey Sigvaldason contributes an unmatched punch of academic insights, business savvy and passion for human potential. His work is founded on his life-long research and instruction on how individuals and organizations can increase their performance and effectiveness, stretching the bounds of possibility. Corey has supported thousands across five continents, including top-tiered athletes and sports teams, entrepreneurs, large associations and Fortune 500s that include Future Shop/Best Buy, Amgen, Microfocus, Lenovo and PWC. He is also an internationally awarded speaker and the host of the HOP® Nation podcast.

Where do you stand on the Unstoppable Force continuum?

Achieving the highest levels of performance begins with a clear plan of action, outlined using drivers of high performance. The HOP® 10Q Assessment provides an initial overview of where your team currently is AND where you can go.

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