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Transcend impossibility and make it a believable reality.

Every game-changer that the world has witnessed exemplified a level of performance not previously experienced. They have achieved what others struggle to understand. How they maintain their motivation and move into becoming legendary is what defines the science of HOP® Performance.

Get Ready to

  • Optimize your potential and redefine what your “personal best” really means.
  • Reach the ultimate heights of where you want to be.
  • Accelerate your team to the pinnacle of your field, league or industry.
  • Realize efficiencies and effectiveness that no others have achieved.

Exponential Growth

for Exceptional Performers

Incremental thinking will only ever get you an extra 10% in your performance and results. Setting your sights on 10x your results and beyond requires an exponential mindset.

At HOP®, our approach is always about exponential growth and performance. We believe in the power of pursuing something far bigger than yourself, that next step or any single title. The reason being that when there is more on the line than the achievement of a title or first-place finish, and you have a vision for legacy and global impact, it “ups the game,” giving you an IT Factor that can’t be qualified.

It also leads to results beyond anything previously attained.

We are dedicated to activating a wired-in relentlessness in your pursuit of becoming a world-class champion.

Our approach is an interdisciplinary one that fuses technology, the creation of new neuro-energetic pathways and the philosophy of high performance. At HOP®, we guide you with the latest trends and techniques, so that you can focus on your zone of genius and attaining to the highest point in your game.

HOP® is a science-based performance system engineered to give you a unique competitive advantage and help you rise to the top of your field and beyond!

  • Fast track your path to elite personal or team performance
  • Double your pace of learning, skill development and personal growth
  • Save thousands of hours of time and thousands of dollars previously dedicated to trial-and-error methods
  • Start seeing results within 90 days!

Our Technology

We know that it’s easier to improve what you can measure, so our interdisciplinary approach includes a variety of tools, psychometrics and technologies to give our clients an unmatched edge.

In working with us, you’ll access the latest research, science, neuro-biological connections that promote the re-wiring systems, neural pathways and connections required to hardwire in the beliefs and myelination needed to create a superhighway of performance.

Our process for creating game-changing outcomes includes:

  • Assessments
  • Data, research insights and benchmarking
  • Neurotechnology and biological feedback
  • Performance-driving reporting

And it's our science that sets us apart

Through our neurotech partners, we deliver objective digital assessments of your neurofunction normally limited to neurologists and clinicians. This data is designed to provide the unique insights used to strategically elevate your performance to being exceptional.

Some of the Neuro-Technologies we integrate include:

  • Assessments and research – Objective brain function assessments and neurological research to improve cognitive function and focus
  • Digital measures and AR/VR tool – Digital neurofunction assessments and strategies, alongside AR/VR (augmented reality and virtual reality) to improve performance Certified Master Practitioners in The Neuro Change Method – Support from world renowned researchers and trainers specializing in evidence-based brain and mind science
  • Biomarkers and neurobiological feedback tools – e.g. Smart wearable technologies for biodata tracking
  • Neuroplasticity and The Talent Code – Driving accelerated myelination (strengthened neural pathways) to fast-track performance improvement by “rewiring our hardwiring”
  • Subject matter experts – including performance psychology, emotional intelligence, NeuroHypnotic Repatterning (NHR), Conversational Hypnosis, Design Human Engineer, (DHE), PEAT® (Primordial Energy Activation Transcendence), Human Element®, FIRO® Theory

Where do you stand on the Unstoppable Force continuum?

Achieving the highest levels of performance begins with a clear plan of action, outlined using drivers of high performance. The HOP® 10Q Assessment provides an initial overview of where your team currently is AND where you can go.

How We Differ

Standard coaching only touches on only 5% of your capacity. We focus on the 95%!

The great majority of coaching works to bring the pre-conscious and unconscious into awareness so we can consciously change things. That conscious level accounts for only 5% of your capacity.

At HOP®, we focus on getting into a flow state where you can tap into the 95% that lies below the surface, because we know the increase in uptake, speed and quality that becomes possible when it is the 95% that is fueling your highest levels of performance.

Move beyond the limiting capacity of philosophy and mindset alone, and move into the tangibility and tools that make the highest levels of performance more real and achievable.

Fuel your highest levels of performance

A Multi-Disciplinary, Multi-Coach System

We understand that you or your team are unique and so are your aspirations. For that reason, our solutions are customized and tailored to each and every client and we believe in a high-touch coaching experience. With HOP®, you are not locked into one single coach. Throughout your journey with us, you have access to a host of subject matter experts and our global network of world-class professionals.

The math that drives our results is:

Strategy + People + Processes & Systems + Technology + Insights & Reporting = Performance and Results

The HOP® System = Xq (Execution) + Cq (Confidence) + Iq (Impact)

In our work together, you can always count on our team to go deeper and help stretch you further! You’ll get much more than cheerleading or platitudes, as we dive deep into using evidence, biofeedback and research in our work together.

Do what you are already doing better + ladder on new practices

Get ready to go beyond the hero’s journey and shape a superhero’s journey, as you take your performance and achievements to the level of becoming a HOP® Titan!
We’ll give you every tool, resource and insight you need to DO IT, OWN IT and MOVE FORWARD, UPWARD.

For Athletes & Sports Teams

Make the highest level of performance second nature.

For Executives & Corporate Teams

Rise to the top 1% of your field.