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Ep 38 -Mike Michalowicz
World-class Keynote Speaker, Celebrity Business Author

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Get Different: Marketing that cant be ignored.

0:00 Intro
02:38 Mike’s Story- Quick History
05:16 Reading of Book’s Amazon Write-up
06:23 Listening to the Book
06:55 Small Business vs. Bug Business
07:50 ” The Dad Framework”
09:39 3 things that are Relevant
10:26 The Most Cost Effective Way of Marketing
11:25 “The Blink Test”
11:40 “Attract”
13:45 “Direct”
15:01 The Priming effect
15:52 Being Different
16:40 GD Experiment Sheet and GD Marketing Process
17:45 Marketing Plans
18:44 “Get Different Model”
19:07 Building the Experiments
21:29 Self deprecation
22:00 Experience people have with your Marketing
23:53 Jerry Falwell’s News Article regarding powerful Marriages and Relationships
25:03 Muhammad Ali’s Picture and Quote
25:31 The Problems that most of us face
26:57 Nemesis
27:25 Ideology in the Entrepreneurial Space
28:25 Legacy
29:20 “Find Your Different”
30:45 ” Grow But Don’t Grow Up”
33:38 When different does not work
34:20 3 of Mike’s Top Values
36: 20 Favorite band
38:45 Outro

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Intro & Bio: 

Simon Sinek calls Mike “the top contender for the patron saint for entrepreneurs” 

Mike by the age of 35 had built and sold two multi-million dollar companies.  At 26 Mike was awarded New Jersey Small Business Association’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year. He’s had multiple best-selling books from Clockwork, Surge Toilet-Paper Entrepreneur, The Pumpkin Plan and Profit First which we talked about on our last podcast with Mike. Mike has been a small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal and his books have been published in 20 different languages and he is still an active entrepreneur walking the walk with multiple companies including a manufacturing company, business growth consultancy, an augmented reality tech firm and a certification organization for accounts bookkeepers and business coaches.