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Founder, The Adam Ad Group

By October 9, 2020August 21st, 2021No Comments

After a professional hockey career with the New York Rangers, Drago Adam started his own marketing company, The Adam Ad Group, Over the past 20 plus years Drago has been involved in all aspects of The Adam Ad Group’s clients marketing plans, which include, planning, media buying, creative, video and web production, digital & social media marketing, Drago has also created an online newsletter called The Monday Morning Motivator which has a growing subscriber base of over 100,000 people. To view our newsletter archive visit Drago has strong sense of care and concern for his community, he is one of the founding members of The Justice Guild Society of British Columbia and has served as chairman of the elders board at his church and volunteers his time as a minor hockey coach. Drago brings all this experience to the firms new focus on becoming the most progressive marketing & social media marketing company in North America. One way we are leading edge for our clients is the development of our In-Market Purchase Program and Interactive Videos.

The Adam Ad Group works with some of the biggest dealers and dealer groups in Western Canada providing online marketing, vehicle reviews, content creation and syndication, social media management and best practices consulting. Specialties: Specialize in online marketing processes and strategies, media buying, branding and production services ranging from video to Radio and TV commercials. Website – Twitter – Monday Morning Motivator Archive – To Subscribe to the Monday Morning Motivator – email


Podcast Notes – Drago Adam
0:45 – Intro
3:45 – Founders Story
7:15 – Learning on the fly, real-world applications
9:00 – Feeling the responsibility to get results
10:00 – Family history can shape work ethic
11:45 – Career shift and the lessons learned in sport that can apply to business
14:00 – Commitment to excellence, character, grit, and vision
16:00 – Business and sport
17:35 – Caring is the differentiator
19:45 – Being an entrepreneur is like being a goalie
23:00 – Mindset/Skillset at crunch time
25:00 – Drago’s core business, helping people break through the marketing “noise”
27:30 – The Internet-Outernet Convergence
28:45 – Differentiating yourself from the competition and communicating that message
31:35 – Marketing jargon/clicks versus ROI
35:15 – AdamAdGroup’s niche
39:00 – Buying from people you like and trust
42:00 – Selling versus helping people buy
42:45 – Selling three things: product, organization, individual
43:37 – How they help companies become more efficient
46:20 – Drago’s personal success habits
50:00 – “Pick me up. I make you money.”
52:50 – The 100th Birthday Celebration
54:10 – Whatever you are, be the best one
57:00 – Coach Drago stories