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Founder & CEO of Seven Mile Media

By October 2, 2020August 21st, 2021No Comments

Aaron Parkinson –

From Aaron’s biography:

“I help companies dominate their industry with Digital Marketing.

For the last 15 years, I’ve lived and breathed digital marketing. I believe that great results come from combining an irresistible offer with the right message…. then you put it in front of the perfect audience.

This is not easy. It’s taken me and my team 15 years to master.

If you want to turn Facebook, IG, Google, and Youtube into a consistent flow of highly profitable customers then I’m your guy.”

Aaron is currently the CEO of 7 Mile Media SEZC, an elite digital marketing company located in the Cayman Islands.

He is also the Founder of the payment processing company and the sales management software


2:00 – Intro

8:00 – Martial arts skills as they relate to business; quality of life as an entrepreneur

9:45 – Setbacks

10:25 – Founder’s story; passion is the ultimate resource

18:30 – Navigating the noise within the digital marketing “gold rush”; small hinges swing big doors

22:45 – The ROI Conversation; ROAS (return on ad spend); the mechanics of digital marketing

28:15 – Evolution of DM in a pandemic – challenges and opportunities; the normal is not coming back; 10 years of online shopping behaviour have compressed into 3 months; commoditization; money has shifted

35:30 – “I’ve lost it all twice.” – sometimes God gives you a time-out, this is a big global time-out; your network is a powerful thing; become what you want to become; surrendering

41:30 – Networks and relationships; family-fitness-finance-followers-faith

46:14 – Aaron’s success habits

56:20 – What’s the ideal future for Aaron?