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Founder & CEO, 360 Goaltending

By October 21, 2020August 21st, 2021No Comments

Dan Spence is a former WHL Allstar, CIS Top Awarded Athlete, and professional goaltender. He is the owner of 360 Goaltending which is one of Ontario and BC’s fastest growing and successful goalie schools. Dan prides himself in learning and progressing from being a student of not only the game of hockey, but the game of business and life.

1:00 – Intro

2:00 – Dan’s Founders’ Story

3:17 – What motivated him to go for a career in pro hockey; could always be the hardest worker

6:25 – Vision, conviction, and effort

8:20 – Getting into the business world; getting his start as a goalie coach

12:15 – Doing the little things well and filling the gap

13:10 – The passion for working with kids

15:50 – The mental side of business and sport

19:01 – Identity in professional sport and transitioning to a new career

22:00 – “What the heck has happened to my life?”

25:22 – Dan’s success habits

34:50 – One tip for potential athletes from Dan and 360

36:45 – Can’t be just about the sport

39:00 – Coaches

40:00 – Reflections on hockey career; expectations

41:25 – Learning from failures/missed opportunities

47:30 – The 100th Birthday Celebration

49:00 – Networking