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HOP Nation Podcast – Episode 26 – Bill Taylor


Bill Taylor’s website:

2:28 Founders story – Bill Taylor from 1LineofSight – From Athlete to professional sales to international trainer

04:50 One Line of Sight & Alignment – What is the charter for our team? What is the purpose we exist for? What are our roles and responsibilities? How are we going to measure success? What is our dashboard what’s our metrics? Finally, if I am on a team or an individual, how do my responsibilities and metrics link directly up to the organization’s strategic objectives?

07:18 The parallel between the training that you had from sport to sales and business

08:18 Implicit and Practice, Value of having your own coach, Value of purpose statement, Value of aspiring

09:30 High performers love feedback and they want to grow and develop, they want challenge, they want to fail because they are always stepping out of the comfort zone and setting new baselines.

10:36 Transferability of Skills and mindsets in Sport and Sales, Value of Growth Mindset and Deliberate Practice

13:43 Skill sets and value of communication

15:34 Analogy of a quarterback who has to change the play and “Call an audible”

16:18 Value of practice and getting into FLOW

16:41 Preparation and Neurobiological Changes (process of myelination, getting faster, better, smarter, and to a point of automaticity)

18:18 Work with Harvard on leadership

19:18 Sometimes stuff comes off the rails and there’s stuff outside of our control

20:25 What can be done better moving forward, especially in field of sales

21:02 Do their research ahead of time and practicing ahead of time – “Getting in your reps” In sales we create a consultative inquiry-based, voracious curiosity, psychologically safe relationship In B2B, 70% of research is done before meeting with salesperson

25:32 What’s your favorite sales question to get something started? Use of open-ended questions versus closed questions

28:13 Questions to set a stage and the four questions (we need to ask) Setting stage and opening up a conversation: What’s going well? What else is going on you want to improve? 1. What are the key problems that you solve for your customers? 2. How do you solve those problems? 3. How do you do it differently than your competitors? 4. How do you prove it? 29:20 What’s what are the key problems that you solve for your buyers? How do you solve these? What’s the process?

30:32 Creating breathing space in between appointments & “Attention Residue”

31:20 Problem with Sales Performance Management

34:40 Business, sport, sales – Paying the price and the sacrifice of high-performance, zooming in and zooming out, balance and health

40:20 Discussion on research now that highlight what spouses see while we are working from home

41:12 Congruency

43:35 High Performance Habits

47:34 Choice – Made a choice to be who you are, choice every micro-second of every interaction, and how we are showing up.

48:13 Emotional Intelligence as a differentiator

48:57 Importance of role models, mentors and good strong relationships

50:03 Addictive characteristics – Can get addicted to the work and to the success

50:14 How we handle stress

51:19 Continue to take those skills you’ve developed over your lifetime to continue to keep up leveling and getting better and better

51:32 High Performance Habits

56:57 Saboteurs that we all have

57:18 100th birthday celebration.- How do you want to be remembered? What do you want people saying about you? “Aspire to Serve” – An encourager, being merciful, walking humbly, showing up with grace, walking with justice , and being fair.