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Motivational Speaker

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01:37 The technology built within us

02:37 We don’t have to settle for mediocrity. The word mediocrity comes from a Latin word meaning …Medius means middle and occurrity is rugged mountain so “mediocrity for me is being caught in the middle of a rugged mountain”

04:14 Who is Pete Cohen? Best-selling author, leadership speaker and high-performance coach. He’s one of the world’s leading keynote speakers and business coaches on personal performance and leadership. He mentors and coaches leaders in some of the most successful organizations globally hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have been motivated and inspired by Pete.

Pete focuses on the importance of being inspired and people having a strong belief in themselves and what they do. He’s the author of 19 published books, several of which have been best sellers across the world. He’s been on TV and presented his own show on tv “The Coach” and was the resident life coach on GMTV for 12 years. Pete is known as the “Inspirator” for his relentless commitment to coaching and inspiring people to create a life of vision passion and success.

05:58 Founder’s Story

07:23 What inspired you on this journey to become what you’ve been and what’s inspiring you moving forward? Major event 10 years ago with the woman who is now Pete’s wife who was only given 18 months to live

09:53 Core Fundamental Principles

  1. There is an answer to everything
  2. It is not what you know right it’s who you know
  3. Find people with the same condition who are still alive
  4. Anything in life it’s a question of perspective- how you look at it
  5. It was on the most challenging roads when you want something enough, because there’s a prognosis or a diagnosis or something, all of a sudden you see a side of people you don’t normally see

12:14 My coach should ask me to ask her “what are you going to do when you get better?” – Gave hope for the future vs. a death sentence

12:53 Stockdale Paradox

13:22 “In essence you get what you focus on and if you’re not focusing on anything you tend to go around in circles.”

13:33 How triggering events force us to make choices

15:09 Paul Chek, Charles Poliquin, Dr. Bob Rakowski and Fitness & Nutrition

16:09 Psychology and physiology and “importance in life to look outside the box, step away and kind of deviate away from where everyone else is going because where everyone else is going statistically is to an early grave.”

“I want people to enjoy and celebrate the life that they have and I want to see them flourish and thrive”

17:09 Infinite energy that exists in the world – We’re to think like that to think limitlessly

Story of Andrew Carnegie and book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

Great question about Andrew Carnegie by Pete: Where he got his wisdom from?

20:29 Power of being RICH versus Wealthy

20:55 Risk of the VOID

22:30 We’ve created a world where everyone is settling. That’s killing us because we’re not settlers, we are hunters and we are gatherers

24:29 What is high performance and high performance to you?

26:45 The biggest differences between average, good, and high performance & managing the volume

27:49 Relentlessness drive to get better & to master things through practice. Marginal gains. Competing against self and personal bests. Michael Jordan story. Confidence

29:05 Turning Saboteurs to Supporters

30:18 “I think everyone can be a high performer” They just need a big enough reason to perform

30:58 Elite – easy to hypnotize because they were open to suggestion …that is it that’s why you could get them into the zone.

31:17 Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Story of athlete Pete worked with named Sally Gunnel, one of the most successful British athletes in history.

33:07 You’ve got to start training your body with your mind, so your body starts to feel what your mind wants it to do

38:09 How did you land on inspirators as your brand? The last book Pete wrote is called “Inspirators” was about inspirational leaders and the leader’s journey

40:04 Positive Rebel

40:35 What’s one of your proudest moments in terms of the work you’ve done

42:12 What’s the next phase for Pete? Coaching community, new coaching programs and helping people live life by design not by chance but by choice

 42:34 What separates us from everything else in the universe is choice, so we are making choices that are either doing one of two things: We’re either growing or dying. Greatest in history not follow someone else

44:46 We just need to work on being a better version of ourselves

47:45 Storytelling and links to learning and history

48:54 Success Habits 1. Nutrition and superfoods like ganoderma zonatum, 2. Exercise, body chemistry, and movement 3. Sleep and software called neurotracker, 4. Meditation, 5. Not take myself too seriously and humour.

52:33 Concept of “Terminal Seriousness

55:46 Value of laugh or smile & how it changes our body’s physiology

56:12 Mi365 Program 365 days of working on in 10 areas that we want people to go through

57:15 The definiteness of purpose

58:54 100th Birthday Celebration