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1:35 Founders Story – Path from Musician, Lawyer, Entrepreneur, and Consultant to CEO of tech company – Goal Management Inc. (GMI)

13:56 Faith and Importance in Business, Values, Character, Accountability and Freedom – We can become our potential as “my faith demands excellence”

17:40 True Essence of Great Businesses

18:30 Behaviours and Character– Our essence and core and where does this come from. Transferability of Faith (values like love and caring to business and society)

20:08 – Goal Management, OKRs & BHAGs, John Doerr-“Measure What Matters” book, Google’s scaling and success, best practices in goal setting, alignment and focus, connecting strategic  and operational layer of businesses, and tie to GMI’s software

27:30 – Goal Management software’s focus on consulting industry and why

30:45 Warren Buffet’s 25/5 Rule

35:00 Motivation, engagement, and alignment. Sense of Purpose and Meaningfulness and visualization of that. How Goal Management software tool helps leaders and managers with retention and attraction of talent and gets behaviours that matters to engagement, alignment, and, ultimately, results.

38:15 3-5 strategic goals is overall focus

38:33 Purposeful goal striving and experienced meaningfulness and tie to goals and motivation that drives positive behaviours and results

41:40 Predictive and prescriptive analytics (Machine learning) and purpose and pushing boundaries in technology. Psychology of motivation in software and technology.

44:15 Benefit to Consultants – Ongoing touchpoint, ties to clients L-T objectives, supportive ongoing role of Consultants to end users

45:38 Why work with Consultants and size of market?  First, size of Consultancy market is upwards of $300 Billion per year and expected to grow over $340B over next few years. Remote working is creating a demand for more and growth in market as a result of remote working environment.  Second, we have better adoption with end users as higher levels of specialized support and ongoing engagement.  This helps as there is an “Accountability Partner” to help with driving results and why GMI wants to work Consultants to help with implementation and adoption.

52:10 High performance habits – 1. Character – need to work on yourself, love and compassion for people, not living in fear based state, 2. Consistency – Early riser, volunteer, and habits, 3. Persistency – tie to resiliency, conflict and challenge and ability to handle these effectively 55:55 Everything that flows from these three

 58:00 Avoiding the “FEAR Trap” and being future focused. Stand on shoulders of giants but also have negative role models to learn from (mistakes to avoid)

59:20 100th Birthday Celebration Question

1:00:00 We ultimately decide our eulogy and how it will be written. “I was a man of integral character. He taught us excellence, resilience, and above all to love and care for other people”(Phil Wealy)

1:03: Performance = Potential – Interference (quote credit to Tim Galloway from” The Inner Game of Tennis: The Classic Guide to the Mental Side of Performance”