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Dean helps people master their authentic voice through the art of storytelling and crafts their unique message so they can make an impact that matters.

2:13 – The story of how he got started in his coaching career, “You are meant to lift other people.”

5:17 – Getting thrown into the fire!

6:15 – How do you help others find their authentic voice?

7:45 – What makes you different from other coaches?

9:45 – The Four Sets

10:48 – Emotion is Life

12:25 – Everyone self-sabotages

13:10 – Congruency, Energy, Filling the tank

14:45 – Biggest problems you help your clients solve, Personal Significance (this is a GREAT story!) – turning a spark into a furnace

19:30 – Priorities

22:00 – What are some of your success habits? Morning routine and bookending the day, but keep an open mind!

27:00 – What is your biggest fear? Dean talks about “DOUBT” and “Am I doing enough?”

30:15 – Imposter’s Syndrome

31:20 – People let people sabotage them, “It’s bulls**t!”, Falling down the rabbit hole

33:00 – Crappy advice!

34:00 – Bringing back the dreamer

36:00 – Ask more questions, make less statements; openness

37:45 – The 100th birthday celebration – who’s there?