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CTO, Mentor Group and Founder, ETS Labs

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James brings over 25 years of commercial sales & sales enablement technology and learning development experience and focus on developing the next generation of digital learning and application. From artificial intelligence (AI), artificial emotional intelligence, the blockchain and virtual and augmented reality, James’s obsessed with how to take the complex and make it simple enough for everyone and use his experience to build learning technologies and digital solutions for businesses. His passion for creating customer-centric technologies is the heart of everything he does and it can be seen in the quality and innovation of his work. Bringing his experience and learning strategies for some of the biggest companies in the world James ensures that when working with ETS Labs or Mentor group you can be assured of the very best Technologies connected with Leading Edge learning development and methodologies.

0:13 Introduction

2:24 Founder’s Story

5:57 Connection between technology, business, high level sports, and sales – “translate the techie stuff into plain English”

8:37 How does a tech company come to be involved with a Consulting and training company – all about technology interest and then the sales and training background he has… “I need to build something that relates to helping people learn. So we are building a learning experience. People have heard of LMS – Learning Management Systems – we would like to build “The Learning Experience platform” – So we built this learning experience.

13:11 James’ interest and experience in artificial intelligence and artificial emotional intelligence

14:53 We can start to create a machine-learning engine that creates very specific learning Journeys for individual People based upon Real Results and real people as well that’s where my area of interest in that currently the platform that we’re building in Mentor Group which is super exciting to see it all come together.

15:25 Virtual reality in the whole experience economy “How does this virtual reality movement and augmented reality help with creating an experience?”; wanted to create an interesting and engaging learning scenario is based around the artificial emotional site as well … we have to pick up on that emotional intelligence. The World Economic Forum has identified emotional intelligence as one of the top ten skills needed in the future.

19:25 Intersection or EQ, IQ & XQ – Research on positive intelligence – Shirzad Chamine, Stanford Lecturer, & CEO Coach and research on leader positivity from Heidi Weigand at Dalhousie University in Halifax.

22:00 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

24:33 Dangers of Technology

28:00 Future of tech – Quantum Computing; Second option – we will stop using our phones and will start wearing it.

31:55 High performance success habits

36:30 Final thoughts and words

39:00 Legacy and the long game – It’s about you making the world a better place