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CEO, Wildcats Coaching and Training

By July 20, 2020August 21st, 2021No Comments

Mark Smith is a passionate leader and CEO for Wildcats Coaching and Training and is a Consultant and Trainer for Mentor Group and has been part of many international groups and projects, like the Mankind Project, taking Mark around the world.

Wildcats is a company dedicated to training and developing leadership skill through experiential coaching. They develop leadership programs, leader as coach, sales, negotiation, conversational intelligence and soft skills programs and culture change initiatives.

Mark’s work has been embraced internationally, having worked in many countries mainly in Africa but also in Austria with a major bank, where their process was rolled out into 16 Eastern European countries.

1:20 – His purpose, career path, led to a search for meaning, self-directed learning, brought him to where he is today
5:10 – Leadership and performance; servant leadership, values; organizations have been described as “psychopaths”, John Mackey’s Conscious Capitalism, organism vs organization, Sinek’s infinite mindset, finding a sustainable approach
8:20 – HOP and building a performance culture, purposeful goal striving, “kismet”, experienced meaningfulness
10:00 – Mark’s core values – reality, love, integrity, trust; organizational growth
14:00 – Leadership – how we think, communicate, and lead; looking at what is possible as opposed to looking out for threats; that drives how leaders communicate – balanced and congruent; collaborative leadership
17:00 – Significantly affected by Covid lockdowns on a personal level; everything in life happens as it should
20:00 – Working specifically with men; dealing with perceived male roles; “The Mankind Project”; vulnerabilities; keeping your word; “axis mundi”; how you’re showing up as a man and as a leader
24:50 – Success habits – being real, continuing to work on yourself, humility, groundedness, gratitude; inspiration
31:30 – 100th birthday celebration – who would you want there and what would you want people to say about you?
36:00 – Trends Mark wants to be a part of; quantum energy coaching; helping leaders think about evolving their cultures; adventure coaching aligned to conscious leadership
38:40 – Adversity and resilience in the world of instant gratification
41:45 – Benefits of forced adversity; finding your next best step – without harsh judgement; “Flow”
45:00 – Biggest leadership challenge – what’s the next goal; appreciating the journey; achievement mindset
47:05 – Servant leadership and worthy intent