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Ep 43 – Uwe Dockhorn

By December 11, 2021September 19th, 2022No Comments

Energizing Results and the AIM® System

00:00 Introduction
00:37 Bio of Uwe Dockhorn
1:34 Background of Uwe Dockhorn
4:21 ” On the Edge of a Bridge”
7:32 Letting go
7:58 Energizing Results
8:46 Secret Vitality Formula
10:40 Trust vs. Fear
14:31 Energy
15:40 3 Foundational Principles of Proprietary A.I.M. System
19:01 “There is no Reality”
19:21 ” A Map of Reality”
23:55 ” Congruent Map”
25:20 Divorce ” Independence during the Marriage”
26:55 Difference from Family Counseling
29:35 Doubled Financial Security
31:41 Abundance in 7 Areas
33:25 Y.F.M ( Your Family Matters) Summit
35:35 Goosebumps Moments
36:50 Background of Y.F.M. Summit
40:15 Uwe’s 3 Success Principles
41:30 100th Birthday Celebration
43:21 Outro

Hi, I’m Uwe Dockhorn…

…and I’m known as the Lifestyle Liberator for high achievers and their families. I believe in freedom and inner certainty that shows up in your business financially and emotionally in your relationships.

Lifestyle Liberator for high achievers and their families / Executive Coach / Founder of The AIM Experience™