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By June 14, 2020August 21st, 2021No Comments

HOP Nation Podcast – Episode 20 – Ashwin Krishnan

3:18 – Founder’s Story: moved through ranks of Silicon Valley, then something snapped!; writing is an outlet; security, privacy, transparency, and ethics; stumbled into podcasts and hosting; closing a gap with his podcasts 1

3:00 – Three things to do in digital business relationships – connect (do your homework, connect with empathy), convey, convince

23:10 – Humanization of technology…and a revolt against technology; use of tech during the pandemic

24:30 – New answers to cyber-security and cyber-morality; measuring productivity; new efficiencies; more connectivity; but every corporation is now a guest in your home; reliance on the digital world increasing “intruders” in the home; what’s the impact?; where do lines get drawn?; accessibility in the virtual environment

31:00 – State of affairs on the ground – in Silicon Valley – in the tech sector; pivoting – how connected and aware are you?; culture of adaptation is beneficial

41:30 – More tolerance for rawness/realness; opportunities to serve and solve – as opposed to sell; willingness to change

44:30 – High performance habits; getting it right shouldn’t prevent you from pushing boundaries; allow discomfort; be gentle with yourself; forced adversity; need to feel it by failing/experiencing; open to opportunities; need to give back; how are you spending your time and who are you spending it with?

51:00 – Looking ahead to Part 2 with Ashwin