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Leadership Coach

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Mike has been a successful leadership coach, employee engagement coach, as well as a customer experience coach for over 26+ years. As a Six Sigma Blackbelt, he has developed the ability to understand the totality of a business.

He has been an innovator in Leader Experience, Employee Experience, and Customer Experience resulting in increasing sales and profits throughout many industries. Mike also has the experience in developing and executing customized training programs for any team and knows how to implement real behavior change. With experience in using technology that gets employees addicted to the right behaviors.

Mike applies his love for God, people, and personal integrity to evaluate and develop a customized solution for any business or individual who wants to experience real change.

Mike is a proven sales and leadership coach expert at helping The Millennial Generations “Bridge the Gap” with the older generations.

Mike has developed the ability to understand the totality of business and has been an innovator at facilitating sales process improvement through executing customized training programs, methodologies and business development that yield increased sales and profits.

Podcast notes:

1:30 – Founders Story: all comes down to helping people

2:45 – Helping leaders get better, sales is tied to leadership, learning vs training, people-processes-execution

4:30 – Sales=Leadership=Communication: Leaders often don’t have the trust of their team, need to have the right kind of trust…vulnerability trust, can’t have healthy conflict without trust, accountability, and commitment, and doing so without micromanaging

7:35 – Aligned motivation and sales congruence, order-takers vs sales-makers

8:30 – Can anyone be an effective salesperson? Extroverts vs introverts; worthy intent

10:30 – Integrity-based sales training: approach, interview, demonstrate, val-I-date, negotiate, close; spin selling and challenger selling

14:00 – How does the pandemic changes the way sales is done? Everything is changing so rapidly, less opportunities for people to sell, companies need to invest in their people to become sales-makers, getting out of the commodity spiral

17:30 – Salespeople need to be better; solutions-based; adviser, companion, hero

18:45 – “Care”-frontation; is it worth the pain to fill the gap; accelerating sales is not easy

20:30 – Health of various industries in the pandemic

22:30 – the key to retaining talent, preparing for the recovery, possibly less competition moving forward, less cold-calling – don’t want to seem desperate

24:30 – Mike’s high-performance habits: solid marriage, physically fit, diet, sleep, from Zig Ziglar, wisdom through proverbs…and has been getting new information each time after reading daily for 28 years, loving people, and – do more than what you get paid to do; TGIM!

29:30 – spiritual groundedness in the sales world

31:30 – effectiveness in a commoditized industry and an increasingly commoditized world

34:50 – 100th birthday – who do you want there, and what do you want people to say about you?