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Professional Hockey Player

By December 2, 2019August 21st, 2021No Comments

Grace Klienbach is a professional hockey player for the Connecticut Whale of the NWHL who hails from Florida.

We talk with Grace about the path she took from the unexpected hockey nursery of Florida, to university, to the pros. She talks about her high-performance success habits, how she manages adversity, and the satisfaction she gets out of coaching and teaching at summer hockey camps.

Grace also takes great pride in being a positive role model for young girls involved in hockey and an advocate for the growth of women’s hockey worldwide.

Thanks for joining us, Grace!

Grace’s Twitter: @tweeterlessG


1. What got her into hockey
a. Older brother was the catalyst, started at age 10
b. Committed to playing on an all-girls team in Florida – the only one in the state for all girls!
c. Aware of her impact on others as a player
2. Career paths and choices
a. “Surprised when I went pro”
3. College life
a. “Wanted it all!” – sports, academics, and social
b. Being a top performer means “embracing the suck”
c. Dispositional optimism – approaching life with a positive outlook
4. Role models and mentors
a. Parents (with a military background!)
b. Influencers come from everywhere
5. Overcoming adversity
a. Using on-ice bullying to fuel the fire; a choice
6. Success habits
a. Making do with what you have
b. Get the hard stuff done early (priority management)
c. Start-up and shut-down routines
7. Coaching
a. Likes being coached and critiqued in a positive way
b. Coaches are critical
c. Deliberate practice guided by effective and positive coaching
8. Taking a break from work as an athletic trainer
9. Coaching kids
a. Being a mentor and giving back
10. State of women’s hockey
11. Reflecting on her 100th birthday
a. Having had a positive ripple of impact