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Chief Operating Officer, Mentor Group

By November 16, 2020August 21st, 2021No Comments


Matt Webb is the Chief Operating Officer for Mentor Group. Matt joined Mentor in 2007 following 13 successful years in the telecoms industry and has over 20 years of experience in a sales environment. This experience has ensured that Matt has a comprehensive understanding of sales transformation and driving results for clients. Matt is responsible for Mentor’s consultant resourcing which includes consultant preparation and certification, quality control and managing the deployment of major projects. Matt supports successful results for Mentor clients globally.

Matt also hosts his own podcast called “Chat with Matt”

Podcast Notes:

2:18 – Founders Story

4:35 – Leadership getting exposed in the time of Covid

5:25 – Vulnerability and authenticity in leadership; surrounding yourself with good people

7:45 – The importance of having fun at work

10:30 – What does Mentor Group’s focus of “People, Process, and Technology” mean?

13:00 – Mentor’s clients’ concerns right now – being customer-centric and customer “intimate”

14:35 – Agility in the sales environment

16:00 – Lots of learning in the pandemic can be taken forward into the next “normal”

17:00 – Mindset and pivoting in this environment

18:30 – Checking in with others more often

20:30 – The value of relationships

21:45 – Random acts of kindness

22:45 – Coming trends?

23:30 – The way we consume information has changed, need to be flexible; pandemic has accelerated change

25:30 – Embracing technology

25:50 – Knowledge vs. wisdom

27:00 – “A theorist assumes everything except responsibility.”

28:30 – Hobbies

29:50 – Success habits

32:00 – Influential books or writers

33:50 – The 100th birthday celebration