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HOP Performance Institute

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A life-long communicator with an honours diploma in Broadcast and a bachelor’s degree, Kirk enjoyed a 26-year on-air career in radio and television throughout western Canada. During that time, Kirk gained experience in sales & marketing, new media, website development and management, plus management and leadership.

Join us as we talk about communication and leadership during the time of Covid-19.

3:20 – Communication and leadership during Covid-19
People need to be heard; speaking with authenticity; being your best self; communicating as true equals and from a compassionate position

8:00 – Physical isolation and mental health
“Physical” vs. “social” distancing; virtual solutions; mental toll due to uncertainty; things will be as they should as long as you act with honesty, integrity, and compassion; no quick fix; people being heard; focus on self without being selfish; unrealistic optimism (polyanna thinking) can be dangerous – aware of current reality; can’t abandon yourself to the process

16:30 – Leadership styles
Power of emotional intelligence; empathy and realism; evidence-based management; servant leadership; Cynefin framework of decision making; in it for the long run

23:00 – Priority management
“Is it really all about me?”; being “forced” to think of others; importance of self vs. others; taking the time to listen; gaining a different perspective; details of virtual communication – tone, etc.; richness of various forms of communication; cognizant of changes pandemic is making on the ability to communicate; intention and “reaching out”; more compassion and empathy

30:00 – Hopes for communication after Covid
People making a conscious effort to be kind; “don’t spread the virus, spread the kindness”; It’s not about us (or “me”); self-awareness as opposed to being selfish

33:30 – Communication takeaways for people
a. being kind; b. be conscious of your communication – words, tone, style, authenticity; c. everyone’s on the same level – emotional intelligence

37:40 – Grounded-ness
Dealing with things outside our control; having faith that we will come out on the other side of the pandemic as “better”;

40:45 – Check your sources of information
Avoid being party to misinformation; have factual, well-researched information; be part of the solution; radical transparency