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Director, Mentor Group Limited

By March 4, 2020August 21st, 2021No Comments

Jim McManus is the Director of Mentor Group Limited, a UK-based company that works with companies on sales transformation initiatives using a variety of methods, including app technology, to drive revenue and ROI. Jim joins Corey to discuss why companies should invest in their team and personnel to ensure long-term success, among other relevant performance-oriented topics.

Founder’s Story (1:00)

Evolution of Mentor Group (2:30)
Moved away from training courses to “providing performance solutions” to improve performance and guarantee ROI
“Held there nerve” (perseverance) through the transition and difficult economy of 2008-2010
They embrace the philosophy of “keep investing in your team” and have come up with unique ways to do so.

Getting out of your comfort zone (7:58)
Make yourself uncomfortable, push the boundaries and experience forced adversity

Leveraging Technology To Develop People (8:30)
Technology, like e-learning, is good for knowledge development. However, that is its limitation and we need the human element for developing people and driving performance.
Mentor Group embraces technology and sees a major growth in this area over the next number of years and has a “Mentor Productivity App” to capitalize on this and help their clients
Need engagement (also coaching and mentorship) – technology builds knowledge but difficult for changing behaviours

Drivers of Performance in an Organization (14:30)
Jim feels it starts with the customer first and the need to be “outward facing.”
What can you do for them and their needs?
Then the company can set goals and KPI that align with the customer needs and goals.
Lead versus lag measures (Customer First is a lead measure and driver of performance)

What’s changed in the Industry? (17:15)
More information out there, over delivery needed in the 20% of information people don’t get on their own.

What Does The Future Hold? (20:10)
Customers are global, so Mentor Group has to be global. Need the people and systems in place to adapt to the new norms.

Where is the Accountability In Team Development? (21:50)
Support from organizational leaders need to be ongoing and part of the culture of the organization
Huge need to retain talent – Huge costs to replace talent in time and money and many other levels
#1 Corporate Concern: Attraction and Retention of Talent (24:20)

Personal Success Habits (29:45)
1. Work ethic and mental toughness
2. Push yourself and learn new things (Jim’s goal is to learn 3 new things per year)
3. Have a great mindset and be open to change

Mindset (34:55)

100th Birthday (36:50)