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CEO, The Maven Agency

By April 16, 2019August 21st, 2021No Comments

It’s our honour to have communications expert Joscelyn Duffy on the podcast.  We talk about her journey from working in the financial sector to where she is today, how her vocation “found her”, and why she’s inspired to “give, give, give”.  We also talk about the most important element in effective communication – and the power that comes from connecting with your audience.

It’s a discussion that’s heartfelt, sincere, and packed with wisdom.  Thanks for a great chat, Joscelyn! Here are some links below, including a gift to YOU!

Amazon (Books):



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By the way, here’s her bio:

For 20 years, Joscelyn has been creating communication that moves the world forward into our individual and collective potential. She has been dubbed a “Voice Finder” and “Message Maven” for her unique navigation of the layers of inner, internal and external communication. Her depth of wisdom and ability to connect the pragmatic, the psychologic and the profound stem from her powerful journey from thriving as a marketing & sales professional at the heart of North America’s financial sector to twice defying death in the face of illness.

With experience that includes all facets of marketing & communication and passion rooted in the fields of personal & professional development, Joscelyn has grown into a highly-respected communication authority. This Summa Cum Laude graduate of Saint Mary’s University has been the Author/Ghostwriter behind 15 books; collaborator in the development of programs and personal brands for NY Times best-selling authors and world’s top speakers; and contributor to international publications like Entrepreneur, Psychology Today and Thrive Global. Today, she is a sought-out guide helping CEOs and entrepreneurs clarify, build & communicate their unique value and visions.