Our international advisory team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds.


Ashwin Krishnan

Converse, Create, Connect - so YOU can stand out in #StandOutIn90Sec | Create great personal brand impact in 90 seconds | People in Cybersecurity is my Focus

As the host of the #UndercoverLeaders podcast (ashwinkrishnan.me/podcast), Ashwin hosts amazing everyday heroes and heroines who lead without fanfare or recognition.

As the COO of UberKnowledge, He hosts Tech and Cybersecurity leaders on podcasts. He says he is privileged to be working with incredibly talented folks to bring cybersecurity awareness and training to help close the growing skills gap. We have a particular interest in those demographics currently underrepresented in our industry.

He is also a tech ethicist, writer, podcast host, and speaker. He speaks at conferences highlighting the need for a sharper focus on the ethics surrounding the technology industry. He write articles and blog posts using analogy to simplify technology trends and complex topics like AI and IoT. He enjoys hosting podcasts with CISOs and other industry experts to bring awareness and practical tips to security vendors, enterprises, and consumers. Best of all, He is motivated by identifying everyday leaders and highlighting their goodness and positivity to inspire others.

Ashwin’s purpose, in a nutshell, is to empathize, educate and empower in tech-ethics and human-goodness.


Dr. Rob Graham (Ph.D.)

Founder and CEO of Techno-Resiliency.com- Mandate to Be Great! (TM) Amazon #1 Best Selling Author!

Twenty-five years ago, Dr. Rob was a special education teacher in a grade school and asked to be the school’s first IT teacher. Personal computers were just emerging, colleagues feared digital interfaces, and available technologies were not cost-effective. Though when the school’s administrator said, “Make IT happen,” Dr. Rob did, building the first PC-based networked computer lab in the district and a thriving community around it. Techno-resiliency was born. Dr. Rob went on to teach over 10,000 students; created an award-winning, research-based theoretical lens; and completed a Ph.D. in e-Research & Technology Enhanced Learning from Lancaster University in the U.K.

Today, technoresiliency.com empowers business and educational leaders and their teams to thrive in technology-enriched workplaces. If you’re an organizational, institutional or community leader, you find yourself navigating a wholly new world in the wake of the pandemic.

Techno-Resiliency means cultivating your capacity for thriving in a technology-enhanced workplace, by maximizing existing resources and team efficiencies, while minimizing costs and complexities. It is a teaching based on three decades of research and educational experience.


Nicole Jansen

God, people, nature, kindness and great leadership - these are a few of my favorite things | Transformational Leadership Coach, Business Advisor, Facilitator, Speaker, Podcast Host

Over the past 30 years, Nicole Jansen has coached and trained thousands of leaders, helping them create extraordinary impact in their lives, businesses, and communities. A Certified Human Behavior Specialist, Transformational Business Coach, Strategic Intervention Coach, Master Facilitator, and devoted follower of Jesus Christ, Nicole has developed her own special brand of coaching, which focuses on tapping into your God-given identity, purpose, and assignment, and implementing sound biblical principles for true success. All for His glory.

Her clients are mission-driven and range from start-up entrepreneurs to large franchise systems and non-profit organizations, covering a wide range of industries including finance, real estate, insurance, media, government, health and wellness, education, relational dynamics, and humanitarian initiatives.

Her passion for transformation and kingdom growth extends beyond the boardroom to the next generation of leaders, through kingdom business connect groups, speaking, mentoring, podcasting, and leading by example through volunteer initiatives. She is the founder of Discover The Edge and the Leaders Of Transformation Podcast, reaching listeners in over 140 countries.

Sales/Academic/Business/Tech Industry

Tracy Tanner - Kolena.AI

Global Networker | Change Management | Stakeholder Engagement | Hi-Tech Vision & Mission | Innovation | Strategic Partnerships International Speaker | Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Advocate | Think BOLD! Be BOLD!

Growing up in a family-owned business made Tracy aware of the critical nature of making a sound decision, the true meaning of wearing all hats and the importance of being part of a team environment.

Tracy carried these skills throughout my career learning many others along the way.

Some of those key lessons were:

1) The Customer Is Always Right
2) Communication Is Key
3) It’s Okay Not To Know the Answer...Research, Learn, Communicate
4) Look Everywhere For Process Improvements
5) Be A Leader In What Ever Position You May Be In
6) Involve Everyone For Department Development
7) Give Informal Feedback Routinely

After having a fulfilling career in the technology industry, Tracy is embarking on a new venture with technology and educating professionals to change the education industry. An advocate of STEAM not only considers the Arts as a viable discipline but advocates for creativity to be infused into the canvas of our lives. Promotes inclusivity for the lifelong learner with key transition points in one’s life as a focus of attention for learning.

Experienced Executive Board Member with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization management industry. Skilled in Non-Profit Organizations, Large Public Companies, Communication, Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy, and Team Building. Strong business development. Passionate change agent and leader.

Finance/Sport/Training & Coaching

Josh McLean, CFA

Global Finance @Nike | Mission Driven Mentor | Engaged Dad | Author of “Catalyst”

Josh is a catalyst for growth and advancement. His career in Strategic Finance has been focused on growth and transformation initiatives in Financial Services, Healthcare, Education, and most recently the iconic brand Nike.

Empowering leaders with the courage to advance their ambitious ideas represents Josh’s highest point of contribution. He is uniquely skilled at seeing the big picture and reverse engineering a path forward that creates clarity from chaos.

He is the author of the Amazon best-seller “Catalyst,” coach, and mentor.  What brings him the most joy is being present in the small moment with his two daughters and being present in the small moments.

Sales/ Sports/ Training and Coaching

Bill Taylor

Unleashing Enterprise Talent, Accountability and Engagement as Executive Leadership Coach, Master Facilitator (VILT & ILT) & Organizational Development Consultant

My Personal Purpose:  "I aspire to serve individuals, leaders, teams and organizations to unleash their potential for transformation, explore deeper self-awareness, accountability for excellence and be fulfilled where they live, work, play, and serve others."

I live out my purpose as a certified executive leadership and team coach, master facilitator (ILT & VILT) and organizational development consultant serving a diverse group of global industries. Global experience spans Singapore, Mexico, Poland, England, Italy, Brussels and Canada working directly for Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning, (Dr. John) Kotter Consulting, Senn-Delaney and EZRA Coaching.

My consultancy, 1 Line of Sight, is a boutique firm supporting B2B Sales Transformation & Effectiveness, Leadership, Team and Culture Change Development from the C-Suite to Individual Contributors.

Coaching/Entrepreneur/Neuro Change Expert

Harry Nichols, NLP Master Trainer, R.Cht.

Pivot Change High-Performance Executive Coach

Harry has spent the last 30 years teaching, training, coaching, and facilitating highly successful individuals, groups, teams, shifting company cultures, upleveling performance in a variety of diverse areas. Harry is a co-owner of Welter Nichols and Associates, whose vision is to help their client’s breakthrough their limitations, connect to their inner and outer purpose, clarify, and create abundance, increased productivity, financial freedom, and joy.