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Ep 41 – Bryan Kramer

By July 11, 2022No Comments

Being Human and Yourself is Your Differentiation

00:00 Intro
39:00 Bryan Kramer Bio
02:06 Bryan’s Founder Story
5:44 Great Learning from Mentors
7:30 Human to Human (H2H)
11:20 “The Book Changed The Course of My Life
12:10 H2H is About Simplicity, Empathy, and Imperfection
13:30 “Being Human is Everybody’s Competitive Advantage
15:20 3rd Book is My Personal Story
16:35 “Sit Down with My Son”
17:45 Restructuring
20:15 Help from Wife and Son
22:20 Principles to Keep Oneself to a Performance Level
25:40 Being Healthy: Success Principles for Health
29:30 100th Birthday Celebration